The Diet Diaries #1

Posted: March 15, 2015 in The Diet Diaries
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For those of you who haven’t read my posts Getting Fatter….One Pair of  Leggings at a Time or Sexy Back, then you might not know that I have a weight problem. To be more specific I am approximately (by my own personal standard and not the medical charts that suggest I should be 113 pounds) 75 pounds overweight. At 5 feet and 2 inches I am a hefty (aka fat!) 238 pounds. 

And if you happen to read my most recent posts Lithium and Taking My Life Back then you are aware that I have bipolar disorder, had a recent unpleasant experience with the drug lithium, and shortly thereafter made a decision to change my life; to start taking back parts of my life that had been stolen from me by this disorder. 

 We all know the health risks of being overweight and to be honest, that hasn’t even crossed my mind. However, the mental health risks are very important to me. Having to deal with bipolar disorder on a daily basis is difficult at best, and my struggle with my weight contributes largely to my poor self esteem, self isolation, and my morale, which in turn worsens many of my the negative feelings that this disorder causes.

So, as I said, I made a wise decision to start taking control of my life, one small step at a time, and the very first baby step is trying to shed some of these 75ish extra pounds. And this is where a new series of my blog was born. The Diet Diaries. 

My diet officially began last Tuesday and so far I have been doing well. I decided the best way to begin was to make small changes each week. My eating habits until this point had been terrible. I often lost my appetite for days at a time and barely ate at all, only to have my appetite return and eat like it was my last meal for several more days. My weaknesses are junk food (chips, chocolate, ice cream,etc) and pasta and I have an addition to Pepsi. I never ate breakfast and my biggest meal of the day would be supper, followed by a major pig out most nights before bed. A weight disaster in the making. 

So, this past week I made some small changes. I have started eating breakfast, even if it is just a cereal bar and yogurt, a light lunch and a small supper. I snack on healthy things in between meals (Special K snacks mostly) and stopped eating at night entirely. I also reduced my Pepsi intake to 1-2 cans of diet Pepsi a day as opposed to 2-3 litres of regular Pepsi daily. Small changes all working towards a common goal. This coming week will bring a couple more changes and I am hoping to begin an exercise routine. But first- weigh in #1 on Tuesday, after which I will post Diet Diaries entry #2. 

I hope you will join me on this journey of weight loss and share in my triumphs and slip ups, my good days and bad, my milestones and set backs. If you have any advice, or a weight loss story of your own, I would love to hear it, and if my own story somehow helps you on your own weight loss journey then great! See you soon! 

  1. I look forward to following your progression and journey! Good luck and if I can be of any help with anything let me know. (Not that I am an expert but I have definitely been there!)


  2. bipolarwhisper says:

    I am also looking forward to watching your journey. I know you will do well because you are such a strong person!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. EarthLoveMom says:

    Good for you! I am a huge believer in the power of exercise. Not only is it good for your body, weight loss, prevention of heart disease and diabetes and prevention of dementia in the years to come, but it is good for your brain. It can seriously help to stabilize your moods.


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