The Diet Diaries #2: First Weigh In 

Posted: March 20, 2015 in The Diet Diaries
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Hi again 🙂 Welcome to the second instalment of the Diet Diaries. This is actually the second time I have written this post, but somehow the original post got deleted, which sucks, because I did not have a backup of it! 

Before I give this weeks weigh in result, let’s recap shall we!

Last week was week 1 and I made several small changes. Because my eating habits were sooooo bad, small changes make a big difference. I began eating breakfast, even if it was just a cereal bar with my coffee. I snacked when I felt hungry, mostly Special K 100 calorie snacks, light lunches, and a smaller than normal supper. I cut my 2 litre a day Pepsi addiction (and yes, it is an addiction!) down to a 1 can of diet Pepsi. I also stopped eating at night, a bad habit of mine that usually consisted of large amounts of junk food. 

So, did the changes pay off? YES!! I lost 4 pounds!! I was super excited! This loss was motivation for me to keep going! 

This week will bring more of the same as last week, and I plan to add some outdoor walking. Small steps toward the goal! 

Thanks for stopping by and following me on my weight loss journey! If you have any advice or your story to tell I would love to hear it. 

Starting weight: 238.5 pounds

Week 1 weight: 234.5 

Pounds Lost to Date: 4 pounds 


  1. Happy to hear of your loss!!!!


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