The Diet Diaries #3: Weigh in (week 2) 

Posted: March 24, 2015 in The Diet Diaries
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Welcome to the third instalment of The Diet Diaries. Today was weigh in day and I lost a 1/2 pound. Not a great loss, but it’s half of a pound lighter than I was last week, right? 
To he honest, although I wasn’t expecting any loss at all, I did feel a little discouraged. But I asked for it! Over the past week I ate out twice and went overboard with portions, and I only got in 1 short walk. This week I have to do better because I have big plans!

In 4 weeks I am taking a road trip all by myself! It’s a 3.5 hour drive which isn’t really a big deal but for this bipolar, high anxiety woman, it IS a big deal. I am going to visit one of my best friends whom I haven’t seen since this past summer. We are having a girls weekend, complete with shopping for new outfits and going bar hopping in the downtown district- something I have never. Again, this is a big deal for me. One huge step for me, one small step for mankind. But before we do, I really want to shed a few more pounds. So this week I really need to dig deep and drag up the motivation that I had last week. 

Thanks for stopping by and following in my journey. See you next week 🙂 

Starting Weight: 238.5

Week 2 weight: 234

Weight Lost to Date: 4.5 pounds 



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