3 days and 1 Appendix Later 

Posted: April 14, 2015 in Life and the Pursuit of Balance & Happiness

So it’s been 3 days since I posted- the wee hours of Saturday morning to be exact, when I couldn’t sleep because of seroquel withdrawal. I did manage to get in almost 2 hours of napping and then when about my day like I normally do. 

The upset stomach started at lunch time. I thought it was a bug. By 4pm the pain had intensified. I was thinking maybe kidney stone. But by 9pm I wasn’t sure of anything except the pain I was in! I called my sister who drove me to the hospital. I waited nearly 3 hours to see the doctor and he was quick to diagnose appendicitis. I was admitted and given morphine right away and a CT scan the next morning confirmed the diagnosis. Surgery was booked for just 30 minutes later. 

So, I’m back. 3 days and 1 appendix later! I will have plenty of time on my hands as I recover and I promise to post real soon! 

  1. Speedy recovery to you!

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  2. dianetharp70 says:

    Feel better , have a quick recovery. Thank GOD you’re ok overall! 🙂

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