As many of you already know I underwent emergency surgery this past week to remove my appendix.  I’m recovering. Slowly. Painfully. And frustratingly! 

You would think I would be relieved, grateful that it was found before the appendix could rupture and threaten my life. Happy even! But no. Not this chick. I’ve been cranky, angry, and sad, all rolled into this little ball of frustration!   

I was in such a good place! I was feeling excited and happy. I had plans. I was ready to take on the world. Why must my body fail me now!!

I was planning to spend this past Monday with Clarke (who you have been introduced to many times). It would have been our first official date.  


I know this is just a set back. I will be back on my feet in a couple more weeks or so. But do you know how long that feels when you want to do everything NOW!  I keep reminding myself to just breathe! Stay calm. Relax. Take your antibiotics and pain meds (so many meds!). Take it easy and you will recover faster. This, my friends, is easier said than done. 

I’m bored! I’ve read- a book and endless blog posts. I’ve written. I’ve talked to Clarke, my friends have visited, I’ve watched movies with my sister, started planning a trip with my kids for next month, played Super Nintendo (you heard me right- SUPER NINTENDO), tried doing a little housework, had my toe nails and fingernails done by my niece, caught up on a couple of my fav TV shows, creeped several peoples Facebook, and done a ton of online shopping! So now I’m bored and broke!  


My staples come out on Wednesday so I am hoping recovery will speed up after that. I’m not looking forward to having this done though as I am afraid it will hurt and I’m a tad squeemish, aka, a big ol wuss! My sister will come with me. She has been my unofficial nurse through this whole ordeal, changing bandages and tending to the 7 inch cut that spans completely across one side of my lower tummy. 


I’m going to scar. Given my lower abdomen is already a mess of tiger stripes, this probably shouldn’t bother me, but it kinda does. I earned those stripes; they are a constant reminder of the babies I once carried inside of me and have loved everyday since. However, this large, raised scar that spans almost from my hip to my belly button is just that, a scar. Not pretty for sure! But a small price to pay I guess. I remind myself often that this could have been so much worse. 


So this, my friends, is where I am at right now. Recovering! While I wish I had something deep and meaningful to write about, this is what is currently consuming me. I promise, as I get better I will have something more profound to share with you. In the meantime, bear with me 🙂  


  1. Underdaddy says:

    Funny how downtime kills creativity, at least for me. I think that I will get something meaningful done but instead I just eat and scroll through FB.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. NewfieChick87 says:

    Hope you feel better soon!


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