Poetry: I’ll Fight

Posted: April 20, 2015 in Bipolar, Bipolar Disorder, Marriage, Love, Dating, and, yes, Sex!, Uncategorized
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So I haven’t written poetry in years but every once in a while, a line floats through my head, and this past week I took that line and tried building on it. 

I’m no Ernest Hemingway, but I figured I would give it a shot. 

I’ll fight for you, 

For us, 

Till there is no fight left in me. 

Till there are no words left to plead with. 

No apologies left to give. 

I’ll fight for this,

For whatever this is,

And whatever it might someday be.  

Try to right the wrongs 

That left the marks 

that only time will heal. 

I’ll fight the demons

That lurk inside of me 

That make me cold and bitter and emotionless.               

I’ll fight them for you.                             

So they can’t hurt you, can’t disappoint you, let you down, tear you apart. 

 I’ll fight against myself,

Against the me that wants to run, 

to hide, 

to shut down. 

I’ll fight the urge to not….

feel, not want, not need, not care. 

I’ll fight her, for you, 

because you deserve more than she wants to offer. 

I’ll fight. I promise you. 

I’ll fight till the war is won, 

Or the battle lost. 

And however this should end, 

I’ll fight till were there. 

Thank you for reading 🙂  



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