1. Renzie Dawn says:

    Oh good lord this is awesome!

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  2. Dani says:

    Wow! Perfect timing for my next blog which I was trying to make sound more diplomatic incase a certain person from my past read it. Thank you 🙂

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  3. bipolarwhisper says:

    Love this!!


  4. ravenstag says:

    I’ve been thinking about it and to be perfectly honest… I don’t think it’s like people “should” do anything. I mean: people are people and they’re different. Some are nice, some are just jerks – and there’s nothing we can do about it. In my opinion expectations are unnecessary.
    But CERTAINLY everybody has a right to tell his/her own story! And to be perfectly honest and open about it. Everyone’s feelings are valid – this is beyond discussion. Nobody has a right to silence another one, or to dicate how the other person should feel about something.

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    • Writingofpassage says:

      Hmmm…I can’t say I agree with “expectations are unnecessary”. I think expectations of some people in our lives is normal and justified. Children expect their parents to love them and protect them. We expect our children to respect us (assuming we respect them as well). We expect the person we choose to spend our life with to treat us a certain way. These expectations are human nature.

      Thanks for reading, and commenting. I always like to hear the opinions of others 🙂

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      • ravenstag says:

        I mean, generally I agree with you. It feels natural to expect. The problem starts when for example: a parent doesn’t love a child. That’s when expectations start to be a problem and a source of pain. The fact that they exist didn’t protect the child. Also, they sustain the false image of the situation. A part of getting over it is to cut the attachment and to understand that some parents are just… different.

        Also, this is a common expectation that everyobody should treat everyone else in a good way (at least not an abusive way). But some people are different as well.

        So that’s why I wrote that basically, people are people and they can be different. Nobody is obligated to do anything. Everybody is responsible for they own actions – some are responding to what’s expected of them and some are not.

        There is “they should’ve behave better” in this quote. But what if they just chose not to? What if those people are different too? What if we couldn’t expect anything better of them? What if a better behavior is beyond their reach? That’s what I was thinking about.

        (Since I apparently wrote an essay – sorry – I just hope that it’s understandable and I didn’t mess up my explanation 🙂 ).

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      • Writingofpassage says:

        All very valid and very accurate points! And don’t worry about the “essay” 🙂 you did not mess up your explanation at all!

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