After my last post I simply wanted to crawl into bed and never get up. I’m not in a good place. I can recognize it and now the only thing I can do is deal with it! 

The line has grown fuzzy. I’m not sure where the bipolar ends and I begin and I have to figure it out. I have to try! 

Starting today. 

So I made a conscious decision to get off my ass and do something and by something, I mean anything- any little thing that will occupy my mind and prevent me from dwelling on how I have been feeling. I have to start somewhere right? 

I’m a trash to treasure enthusiast. I like to take things that are basically trash and turn them into something useful or beautiful, mostly home accents and things like that. So, once I had dropped my kids off at school this morning, instead of climbing back in bed, despite my body begging to do so, I dressed in my “work” clothes  (old leggings and an oversized button up plaid shirt that has paint stains in a million different colors), went into the basement and started working. An old wooden bread box got it’s first coat of fresh paint and an antique window pane got it’s first going over with my electric sander. Yes, I am a woman and I use power tools. I have a wooden flower box that’s also getting a makeover, and I have an old Christmas tree that will be turned into holiday wreaths or swags. There are a ton of projects that I can work on, and I plan to do just that this week…starting today. 

Starting today I will keep busy. I will find things to do to distract myself from the reality of what I am currently feeling. 

Starting today I won’t let the bipolar take over. I will look it straight in the eye and remind it that although it is a part of me, it’s not my entirety. Starting today I’m in charge. 

I’m at the bottom of the barrel. There is only one way to go-up- and I’m working hard to get there. 

Starting today. 

  1. Mad props to you for pushing through today. 🙂

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  2. hbhatnagar says:

    Best of luck and Happy Climbing! May it be a short way out of the barrel and a nice long soaring in the sun.


  3. I am so proud of you for digging into projects ! I love painting. Did you ever watch that old tv show Shabby Chic? I used to love the way she found old yard sale furniture and made it into beautiful things with paint and creative craftiness.
    I would love to see before and after pictures of your projects. They would make fun posts to read. Pictures and basic description of what you used and how you did it.
    That might make it more fun for you to do the projects, because they would also be blog posts !


    • Writingofpassage says:

      I loved that show! Do you remember Trash to Treasure? It used to come on TLC a few years ago and was awesome!!
      I am about to start a makeover project on an old makeup vanity for my niece. I will definitely post a before and after!
      Thanks for reading and for commenting 🙂


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