My determination hasn’t wavered. I am as gung-ho to make the most of today, and to avoid letting myself slip into the shadows of my mind, as I was yesterday and I am thankful for this small mercy. 

I had a very productive day yesterday. I started 7 projects, completely finished 2, nearly finished 3 more, and the last 2 will be done by the end of the week. By bedtime I was utterly exhausted and feeling quite proud of myself. Sleep came quick, which satiated my body and my mind. I was grateful to not lie away thinking but to instead drift comfortably into a sound sleep. 

Today was much like yesterday. I was a little slower getting started this morning, the coffee just not quite kicking in, but after my second cup I was rearing to go.   I started with cleaning Little K’s room, stripping his bed and washing out all of the linens, dusting his furniture and putting away the stack of laundry from yesterday. Afterwards I once again started in at my wood working projects.  By lunch time when Little K came home from school I had started 8 small projects, each in different stages of completion. 

So, I’ve been busy and productive, and do you know what I have noticed? I haven’t thought about being depressed or manic, wondered if I was high or low or just the right amount of balanced, or had the word bipolar even cross my mind. 

As I worked on various projects, my hands and clothes paint stained and my black leggings covered in dust from the sander, I was just me! This woman, engrossed in creativity and paint, was the real me.  I’ve missed her and I plan to make her stick around as long as she possibly can. 

  1. hbhatnagar says:

    Hope she sticks around for a long, long time. And do post pictures of some of your projects, if you’d like to, 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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