The Hunt….for an Apartment that is! 

Posted: June 15, 2015 in Bipolar, Bipolar Disorder, Family, Life and the Pursuit of Balance & Happiness, Uncategorized

My apologies for having gone MIA again. These past few weeks have been hectic to say the least but I am back with an update, however brief. 

Mentally, I am doing fine. I’m not up nor down. I’m balanced which is what we all strive for right, balance? I’m okay with “balanced”. It’s comfortable and safe and healthy. I do, however, miss the hypomania at times, especially now when I have so much going on and so much to do! 

I spent all of last week in the city apartment hunting. I received the financial help that I needed and applied for and finally I could start planning our move.  

I saw 5 apartments. The first 2 were awful! The first one had, literally, 2.5 feet of counter space in the corner of the kitchen and wreaked of puppy pee! Ewww!  The second apartment was even worse! It was obviously not kept up, with holes in the wall, plaster spots everywhere, scuffed flooring, very dirty and dingy. A definite no! 

The third apartment was okay. The tenant who is currently living in it did not give a very good first impression of the place. She was obviously not a tidy or clean housekeeper. The apartment was a little small but it did have potential. It was pet friendly with a backyard, and had a laundry room which is super important to me. The location was great, in a quiet part of the city, close to good schools AND….on the same street that my best friend lives on! I didn’t jump on it simply because of the limited space and because the rent did not include utilities which is what I was hoping for. 

    Apartment #4 was great! Located on a quiet cul de sac, it was a good size, modern and clean, utilities included and for a decent price. It too was pet friendly and had a back yard as well as a personal deck. This was it! We had found the perfect apartment for our little family. I was so excited! The landlord and I discussed details and I told her I would be back with the damage deposit first thing in the morning. We chatted for a while longer and then my friend and I left and went for coffee and a drive, both thrilled that I had found the perfect place. 

    A couple hours later we arrived back at her place and there was an email waiting for me. The landlord’s husband had already rented out the apartment that morning without letting his wife know. We had lost our perfect apartment. I was devestated. 

    The next morning it was back to the drawing board and early in the day I found apartment #5. I got a viewing appointment right away and was in total awe of this place. Huge rooms, lots of storage, utilities included for a great price, a yard and a laundry room. The problem? There were a lot of people competing for this place, and they didn’t allow pets. So, that apartment wasn’t going to happen sadly. 

    By this point I was frustrated and I had to return home the next day, without finding a place! I was discouraged, the boys (my kids) were upset, and it was looking as if nothing would work out for us. 

    I continued to search online for an apartment after I returned home with the plan that my friend, who has the same standards I do, would go look at it once I found something. Unfortunately that didn’t happen because I couldn’t find anything that met my requirements….

    • Affordable
    • Utilities included 
    • Pet friendly
    • Spacious
    • With sufficient storage
    • A yard 
    • Washer and dryer

    However, she did go back to see apartment #3, which was the only apartment that she hadn’t seen with me because she was at work at the time, and texted me to say she couldn’t understand why I was so opposed to it. Yes it was a little small but it was a nice apartment that was pet friendly and affordable. 
    The search continued to no avail and I began to seriously consider apartment #3 and weighed the pros and cons….


    1. It allows me to keep my dog
    2. It has a yard
    3. It is affordable
    4. It has a washer and dryer
    5. It is in the area I wanted
    6. It is in the zone of good schools 
    7. It’s  in a short driving distance to malls, pool, parks, walking trails, dog park and much more 
    8. The landlord is super nice 
    9. It is somewhat modernized 
    10. Last, but not least, it is on the same street that my friend lives on. 


    1. It’s a little bit small
    2. Utilities aren’t included 

    So, as you can see my friends, the pros very much outweigh the cons. So, yesterday I accepted apartment #3 and we move in on July 1st! 

    The hunt is over. We have found our new home, in the city, and in just a couple of weeks we close the chapter on this part of our life and start a new chapter, one that we are very much looking forward to. 

    1. dimdaze says:

      Maybe it will turn out to be the best fit for now. Hope all goes well.

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