I sat with my iPhone in hand (its my own personal computer), thumbs poised to begin typing, and waited. And waited. And waited some more. For what exactly? Why, inspiration of course! So as I sat and I waited and I thought, my thumbs fiddling with the many jagged cracks on the less than a year old screen of my iPhone 5c because I am an dumbass who dropped it down the concrete steps that lead to my apartment entrance, I realized something……

Unless I am emotionally unstable or hanging on by my fingernails to the edge as I cling to balance and sanity, I really don’t have much to say. I’m writing blocked! 

If you look back over the past few months since I started blogging, my longest, most in depth and passionate, detailed, posts have been while I was experiencing mental and emotional distress. Why is it that I can only write creatively and passionately when I am mentally unbalanced or coming unhinged? Does anyone else experience this? I miss writing and actually find it very sad that I am unable to write anything even remotely profound unless I am not in a good place mentally. 

So, I decided to just write. About anything, about nothing, about me, my kids, my family, my life, to simply write whatever comes to mind as long as I keep my thumbs moving and the words appearing on my pitifully shattered screen! 

I am visiting my parents for a few days. It was a spur of the moment decision to make the nearly 4 hour trip. Jay had been visiting Little K at our apartment in the city with the intention of taking our son back home with him for a couple of weeks when he left, and I would make the trip to bring him home as summer came to a close. After just 2 days Jay received an unexpected call to go to work for a few days so his visit would be cut short and him and Little K would take the bus back home. Instead of the bus, we all piled into my car early the next morning- myself, Jay, both of my kids, and the family dog- and headed back to our little hometown. 

My mom was thrilled to see me, to see all of us, and I was equally as thrilled. It had been a month since I had visited and while that doesn’t sound like a long time, I don’t think in my entire life I have went a month without seeing my parents. Despite the issues our family had over the years and still have to some degree, we are still a close knit family and a month without hanging out with my mom feels like forever! She even made my my fav supper of fish and chips! After supper was cleaned out it was still so hot outside so my sister and I know took the kids to the beach for a dip. While the kids swam and played in the water we waded past our knees and collected pretty pieces of driftwood. It was a much needed relaxing evening. 

So, I’m staying with my parents for a few days and I say “few” simply because it’s unknown yet how long we are staying. I had to take my car to my mechanic this morning for a standard oil change. As they performed the service they discovered 2 other things that were in need of repair or replacement that could potentially be dangerous. Just. My. Luck. One of the needed parts won’t be in until NEXT WEEK and he isn’t sure when next week. Did I mention that the entire fiasco is going to cost me close to 500 smackaroos? Yup, that’s right. 500 big ones which is about 450 more than I can afford! I didn’t have bad luck I would have  no luck at all! 

Other than that negative tidbit the visit is going well. My Dads health isn’t the best of it right now and he is awaiting an appointment to have a procedure done that will help him talk better as he had almost completely lost his voice due to paralyzed vocal cords which, although it hasn’t been confirmed, is probably the result of extensive scar tissue on the brain from nearly 20 surgeries BUT that’s a whole other story for another time. His voice is almost non existent and he struggles to breath when he tries to communicate so the sooner he gets in for this procedure the better! 

Little K is loving the trip so far. He’s been outside with his friends constantly, having water balloon fights, hanging out in friends backyards, riding bikes and swimming. Big K is bored as per usual. I think that’s a teenager thing maybe? Who knows what actually goes on in the complex mind of a 17 year old!

Well, that pretty much sums up our little mini vaca so far and as far as “writing” goes, I think I managed to forge out a few words, although lacking in passion or creativity, but, my comrades of the pen, I will trudge on until alas, some profound words develop on this page. See you all again real soon. 

Until next time…. 



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