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Posted: April 30, 2015 in Poetry
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poetry-smI have been trying my hand at poetry recently. It was something I used to write often, sometimes daily for months on end, but somehow, somewhere along the line, lost my niche for it.  As I was working on my computer today I stumbled upon a file entitled Poetry and found several poems that I had written back in 2008! A blast from the past! So, I decided I would share a few of them with you. Disclaimer: I am no Edgar Allen Poe. Thanks for reading anyway!

A Fleeting Moment  

I was alive again then.

For a fleeting moment I lived

like life is meant to  be lived.

I was free, set loose

from the heavy chains

that had bound me.

The thing with those moments

is that they never last.

Fleeting far too quickly

till they are just a memory

but one to cherish

for an eternity.

His Lyrics                                

Just words,

syllables drawn together,

sewn in patches

to make perfect sense.

Just sounds,

spoken, written, expressed

yet stitched into my soul,

in beautiful calligraphy.

His lyrics,

with sarcasm, with passion,

with laughter,

with care,

words on a page,

in a window,

in the air,

all around me.

Echoing in my ears,

in my heart.

Repeating themselves

putting a smile to my lips,

and a lost sense

of hope in my heart.

His lyrics,

sweet whispers,

in the dark of night

bringing me back to life.

The following poem held special meaning at the time it was written, when our family lost someone very dear to us, a friend who had known and loved my sister and I since birth, and later our children as well. She was a neighbour, a friend, and so much more, a surrogate Grandma and our hearts were broken as we said goodbye to her.

One More Angel       


Sitting there in heaven

God took a look around

to find he needed one more angel

and searched until he found

the purest of souls to fill

the position that He held so high

and He took you to be with him

in his beautiful land beyond the sky.

He saw in you the obvious

the kindness, compassion and care

all the qualities that were needed

for the job He had for you up there.

He saw the many things

that we saw each and every day,

the way you put others first

always knowing just what to do or say.

He saw how so,

many turned to you

for advice or just a listening ear.

For soft words of comfort and hope

from our problems, hurt, or fear.

He must too have seen

your generosity, your giving way

the love you gave so freely,

to everyone, everyday.

When He looked down from Heaven

and saw your smiling face

He wanted you to be that one more angel

and took you to live in a wondrous place

where no more pain would touch your body

no more hurt would enter your heart

and we know how happy you are now

even though it was so hard to part

with a woman we loved so very much

who has meant the world to so many

and now she sits in Heaven

looking down on us, her family.

Thank you for reading 🙂