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Although my weight loss journey has been a very slow one, I am still travelling on it. Emergency surgery 2 weeks ago, which left me with a nearly 8 inch incision across the side of my tummy, has slowed down my progress BUT I am still losing, slowly but surely. 

This week’s weigh in result….lost half a pound! Hey, that’s a half a pound that was stuck to my fat ass last week and isn’t this week right?! 

I didn’t do so great this week, so I earned that sad loss. I had junk food…..Doritos and a chocolate bar…and Pepsi ….not once, but TWICE! I was feeling down and turned to yummy, fatty food for comfort. Emotional eating is actually a struggle for me but one that I have been doing pretty good with as of late, until this week that is. That and not being able to work out left me with a not so great loss, BUT any loss is still a loss right 🙂 

So, where am I at now?  

Starting Weight: 238 pounds

Current Weight: 227.5 pounds

Total Weight Loss to Date: 10.5 pounds